Ski & Snowboard School
St-Cergue-La Dôle
CP 252 La Bouriaz
CH-1265 La Cure
Opening Hours
8 h-12 h 13 h-19 h
+41 (0)22 360 02 60
+41 (0)79 457 23 57

Nyon ski club hut

  • The mountain hut is reserved for Nyon ski club members.
  • Small groups of non-members may be accepted as long as there is place available and with the agreement of the guardian.
  • Impressive view on the Lake of Geneva and Mont Blanc (4810 m), access by skis from the slopes of La Dôle and the Col de Porte pass or by Le Vuarne with ski touring
  • Contact : Nathalie Vuille, rte du reposoir 3 1260 Nyon / info(at)

Videos levels
Bronze, silver, gold

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