International Ski School
St-Cergue-La Dôle
CP 252 La Bouriaz
CH-1265 La Cure
Opening Hours
8 h-12 h 13 h-19 h
+41 (0)22 360 02 60
+41 (0)79 457 23 57

The Espace Dôle ski area :

  • La Dôle area (Switzerland) is connected to Les Tuffes-les Jouvencelles area (France) to have 23 lifts and 30 slopes to discover.
  • Far from the big ski factories, it's a human atmosphere ski resort with a view of the Alps and Lake Geneva with the summit of La Dôle 1677 m (4 seats chair-lift).
  • The village of St-Cergue has 3 lifts, two ski slopes are lighted at night.

Videos levels
Bronze, silver, gold

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