International Ski School
St-Cergue-La Dôle
CP 252 La Bouriaz
CH-1265 La Cure
Opening Hours
8 h-12 h 13 h-19 h
+41 (0)22 360 02 60
+41 (0)79 457 23 57

Informations to the parents

- Each ski and pole is labelled with the child’s name stickers
- Your child must have an information card with his name, first address, phone number, language ...
- Skis and poles must be attached together for transport with an efficient leash
- Children group lesson is done by with all weather conditions
Children group lesson can be cancelled if there is a lack of participants or lack of snow cover
- Punctuality is required at appointment locations. In case of delay the bus-shuttles do not wait for the participants and nocash-back is made for ski lesson no-show.
- Your child must have a good ski equipment. Gloves, glasses, mask, helmet...
Children group lesson location may be modified in case of poor snow cover
- Progression ski school is not responsible for the loss of equipment for children (gloves, bags, jackets...)

Terms and conditions

- If, for any reason, you have a no-show, a 100% deduction is counted.
- No cash back for any ski lesson started except for a medical problem where a credit will be offered to the child.
- The booking is done when the total amount of the children group lesson is paid

Videos levels
Bronze, silver, gold

Videos snowboard