Ski & Snowboard School
St-Cergue-La Dôle
CP 252 La Bouriaz
CH-1265 La Cure
Opening Hours
8 h-12 h 13 h-19 h
+41 (0)22 360 02 60
+41 (0)79 457 23 57

Orienteering race, evaluate your team in a fun and nature activity

  • Our system is made up of control stations and chips
  • Each participant wears a chip that records the time and number of stations visited during the race
  • Our team delivers results and participants can compare their performance
  • The results then allow to control the path of the best who wins a prize
  • Build your tailor made team building activity with our high caliber team, discover our wild Jura forest !

"Compass and map to find numbered red tags"

Videos levels
Bronze, silver, gold

Videos snowboard