International Ski School
St-Cergue-La Dôle
CP 252 La Bouriaz
CH-1265 La Cure
Opening Hours
8 h-12 h 13 h-19 h
+41 (0)22 360 02 60
+41 (0)79 457 23 57

What's the benefit for a school ?

  • Schools of the Lake Geneva region can benefit from professional coaching
  • The teachers are relieved of activity responsibilities
  • Maximum security for the school directors
  • Lean organization for teachers
  • Sensitivity to the world of education, knowledge of the school environment
  • Field experience with children, education
  • Climbing equipment for 60 students or 2 whole classes (shoes, harness, helmets)
  • Via ferrata equipment, snowshoes, crampons, ice axes for 30 students
  • Jura is extremely close from La Côte, Geneva and Lausanne
  • Minimum travel cost, students less tired by transport
  • Train link between Nyon and St-Cergue-La Cure
  • Discovery for students of their region natural wealth

Progression & schools

  • Ecole de St Prex
  • Gymnase de Nyon
  • Gymnase de la Cité, Lausanne
  • Collège de Ber Turgi, Argovie
  • Outpost Wilderness Adventure, Colorado

Videos levels
Bronze, silver, gold

Videos snowboard